The Yeti Consipracy
About 141 Km from Srinagar lies the Amarnath Caves. Dedicated to the God Shiva, Amarnath is one of the most famous Hindu pilgrimage sites drawing about 400,00o people each year. A 45 day period between July and August, devotees make the 26 mil (42 km) journey on foot from the town of Pahalgam to the caves.

Within the Amarnath Cave is an ice stalagmite resembling Shiva Linga. Legend says that this is the location where Shiva revealed to Parvati the secrets of creation. Within the cave is 2 other ice formations, that of Parvati and their son Ganesha.

The Amarnath Caves are high gaurded by the Central Reserve Police Force, the Indian Army,and Indian Paramilitary Forces due to the high threat of terrorist attacks. Because of the high level of danger, the caves are closed from tourists before and after the 45 days of pilgrimage. However the caves are used for another purpose widely unknown to the masses.

    February, the month of Yeti mating. Thousands of Yeti soon to be mommy and daddies, make their own pilgrimage of sorts to the Amarnath Caves known as Prositutogory. A 7 day trip from the Yeti capital city of Itey Toof, the Yeti masses arrive shortly after dawn on February 17th. While most Yeti's make the pilgrimage from Itey Toof, some make the trip from one of the other 3 main cities; Kang Admi, Nimoba Wons, and Migoi.

     Upon arrival the Yeti's first offer up a sacrifice to their current king. Each year the Yeti's raise 1 dog to offer up to the King. The dog, or Pluto in Yetish, is handed to the king live to be consumed on the final day of mating. At sundown the festivities begin ending at 11:55 p.m. when all yeti Couples retreat to their personal alcove and wait for midnight. Upon the arrival of midnight a strange phenomenon occurs. All male Yeti's are over taken by whats known as Angryevan Syndrome. The mating last long into the mid day hours on the 18th. At 7 p.m. the king consumes the pluto ending the celebrations, thus beginning the long journey back home.

     Evidence of this pilgrimage and mating ritual are out there. The research Ill leave to you. However I will give you this bit of information. A continuation of the legend I presented above, reveals something more to us. Unknown to Parvati and Shiva, 2 mating doves over heard the conversation regarding the secrets to creation. Having learned the secret, the 2 doves are reborn again and again and have made the cave their home. Pilgrims report seeing these birds as they trek the long journey to Amarnath.

Natures way of proving the Yeti's tell me



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