The Yeti Consipracy
Dalton Chiscolm has decided hes unhappy with the service he has received from the Bank of America's customer service department. Instead of a word with the manager or writing a distasteful complaint letter, Chiscolm has decided to sue. For how much you ask? Hows 1,784 billion, trillion dollars? He requested the 23 digit amount be put into his bank account immediately. He's also asking for $200,164,00o according to court papers.

  I think he's got this one pretty well in the bag. However with the amount of insanity poor Dalton contains, Bank of America could probably settle out of court with this guy for 2 polish hot dogs and $17.50 in quarters.
A lamb named Marcus has been sent to the slaughter house by a group of children. 14 children at Lydd primary school in London, England have decided the fate of Marcus by a 13:1 vote in favor of the slaughter house. Marcus has been reared by the children at Lydd's since birth. The decision has provoked fury from the children's parents, celebrities, and of course human and animal rights activists. Sounds like PETA has some kids to through blood on now. Even with serious threats being sent to the school and an offer to take the lamp to a safe haven by a popular talk show host, the school has backed the children's decision. Marcus must go....

      No worries thought. The children have also decided that they will use the money earned from Marcus' untimely death to purchase pigs for the school children to raise. Which will then be sold to buy a guillotine to cut out the slaughter house middle man.



We begin with reports that ABC News have formally apologized to the White House and CNBC after posting on Twitter President Obama's personal opinion on Kanye West's actions at the 2009 VMA Awards.
 Obama: "The young lady seems like a perfectly nice person. She's getting her award. What's he doing up there?"
 Questioner: "Why would he do it?"
 Obama: "He's a jackass."

.....ouch Kanye.

PETA, people for the ethical treatment of animals, has announced that they wish to rent a state prison being closed in Virginia. Their ideas for their new real estate....the nations first chicken empathy museum.
   A spokes woman for PETA says that a former prison is the ideal location for an exhibit of the mistreatment of chickens raised to slaughter.

 Really PETA, that's what you want to spend money on? Well anyway good luck with that and i hope all 17 people that show up to that exhibit leave with chickeny guilt in their hearts.

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